Terms & Conditions


Alas, there is ‘fine print’. The following information includes a list of disclaimers, terms and conditions designed to protect us both during our encounter, ensuring that we share a mutually respectful and safe time together.


My role in this industry can be described as an “escort” or “companion.” Although I have had many sexual experiences, these have arisen out of personal choice. As per my ‘bookings’ information, clients are asked to select a booking duration to suit their preference. Thus, I charge for my time only. There is no expectation or association of my time with sexual services or explicit particulars. If you would like to discuss this, please email alicegrey@protonmail.ch.

It is your responsibility to read my website prior to making an appointment. This ensures that all details are understood, and that you have been given adequate means to clarify any uncertainties. Upon booking, it is assumed that you have read and agreed with the content and terms displayed throughout this website.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to provide refunds to clients who fail to arrive to bookings or choose to terminate appointments early. By setting time aside for our booking I have foregone other work and responsibilities and have paid an assistant, so need to be appropriately compensated for that time.


For all clients, I ask for a non-refundable deposit of $100 to secure our time together. You may wish to supply full payment in advance, which is also an acceptable deposit. Not only does this confirm your legitimacy in wanting to spend time together, but it begins to build the foundations of trust that we will share when we are together. Deposits compensate me for the time spent arranging the many aspects of our booking, including paying my assistant her wages, preparation and any transport to and from our rendezvous. In the event that a booking does not take place, deposits are non-refundable and are treated as a cancellation fee*. Please contact me to discuss the variety of discreet methods I use to arrange deposits.

*Bookings and their deposits are deemed forfeit in the event that a client fails to appear at the designated meeting point within 20 minutes of the starting time, with no prior communication.


I will always do my best to create the perfect booking setting within the goals you specify. Therefore, I expect that all communication is polite and respectful. This is not an opportunity to speak inappropriately, and I will not respond to crass or chat-speak styled messages. Further, I choose to limit post-booking communication with clients, and would be happy to discuss potential arrangements to explore regular post-booking communication if you were interested in this.


Discretion is of the utmost importance for both you and me, so I will be treating any personal information you provide with extreme sensitivity. My booking assistant has signed a non-disclosure agreement, so is prevented by law from speaking about any information you provide during the booking process. If evidence of this is required, please do ask.

I take deposits from my clients via a discreetly-named business bank account. If you were to conduct a direct transfer, my consultancy business name will show on your account statement. I can provide you with an invoice if required. If you would like to pay via a method that does not appear on your statement, please get in touch.

I welcome public displays of affection from my clients, but will never initiate this unless it is suggested otherwise. For our discretion, I am also never dressed overtly, and opt for a more sophisticated or corporate attire during our engagement with something lovely underneath. Please feel free to make outfit suggestions, but know that I will not be arriving wearing anything risqué.


It often happens that some extra preparation is required on my part to prepare for our time together, which incurs an extra fee. Unfortunately I will be unable to refund this if we do not explore those options.


Overnight bookings are flexible in length; between 12-15 hours, featuring at least 6 hours of sleep. It is imperative that I am respected at all times, though particularly during sleep where I cannot consent to any client whims, needs or sexual desires. Please contact me to discuss this in advance, if this requires clarification.


For these bookings to be confirmed, I require a deposit to be made at least 72 hours in advance of the desired booking date. Deposits comprise the balance of return air fares to and from your location, which I will require to purchase the airline tickets in order to travel to you. These bookings cannot go ahead without this deposit. I do not provide ‘Fly Me to You’ bookings to new clients.


Please know that I am a non-smoker, and do not consume recreational drugs under any circumstances. If this is something that you would like to share together, I may not be the companion for you.


Also referred to as ‘Nana Grey’s Law’. Any bookings that start or finish after 10pm will attract an additional fee of $100 per hour until the booking is completed. This applies to bookings that begin before 10pm.


Behaviour that I deem disrespectful, harmful or illegal will result in my immediate termination of our booking without refund, and possible involvement of the police. These behaviours can be defined below:

  1. Intentional unsafe practices, such as wilful endangerment or neglect for my personal safety. In a sexual context, for example, this can be defined as ‘condom tampering’, where condoms have been broken or removed without consent. This behaviour constitutes sexual assault.

  2. Filming without consent. In Australia, it is a felony to film or photograph another individual without their consent.

  3. Consent violations place me in a position where I feel at risk of endangering my personal safety. If my explicit consent is challenged or violated in any way, our booking will be terminated without refund.

  4. Failure to pay or to pay the required amount will result in immediate termination of the booking. I may provide an alternative booking duration to accomodate the funds you have provided, but will not do so under duress.

  5. If I have refused to meet you in the past, but you attempt to spend time together under an alias or hidden identity. This behaviour constitutes sexual assault, and will result in police involvement.

  6. If recreational drugs of any kind are produced or consumed during our time together. Recreational drugs can have significant effects on the mental state, and can lead to reductions in focus, clarity and mood, which can impact a person’s ability to consent. They may also produce aggressive moods, which I do not feel safe entertaining.