I come gift-wrapped.

One of my favourite threesome memories has got to be from 2018. I was an anniversary and Christmas gift to a couple I’d met and played with before. Because I am a walking cliché, I wrapped myself in a big red ribbon and donned a Christmas dress before going to meet my friends. Armed with champagne and a huge grin, I stepped into an evening that I don’t think the three of us will ever forget. Thank you, A & C!

For those interested, I don’t charge any extra to see couples. Make me your next anniversary gift?


 “Between the two of these stunning women I was totally spoilt.”

- L, 2019


Why don’t I bring a friend?

Below is a list of beautiful people, whom I have had the pleasure of working with and calling friends. If a threesome is a goal of yours to explore, look no further.


Sienna Charles

Sienna is one of my closest friends. She’s vivacious, flirtatious and a natural beauty. You’ll love the way she makes you laugh, and the effortless chemistry and fun we have together.

$600 / 1 hour


Tash Murphy

Tash is just one of those people you can only describe as beautiful. She’s warm, patient, romantic, and unashamedly herself. We’ve been together a number of times, and I absolutely love her company.

$450 / 1 hour


Harper Reynolds

Harper and I have been good friends for some years now. She’s is witty, fun and a total girl-next-door type. Harper’s favourite saying is “meet me where you are,” which is a philosophy that we both strongly believe in. I love how genuinely open and sexual she is. There will be giggles and banter aplenty.

$550 / 1 hour


Venus Rayne

There’s a reason that Venus is referred to as a “goddess,” and I’m probably giving myself away with all of these redheaded friends. I love her warmth, her sensuality and her hedonism. Venus is one of a kind.

$500 / 1 hour


Charlie Swinton

Melbourne’s ‘MILFy’ in the flesh. I love Charlie. She’s funny, and bossy, and naturally very sexual. Like me, Charlie values mutual pleasure, so expect to be very spoilt and involved.

$450 / 1 hour


Thomas Robinson

I don’t only play with women! Tom is my handsome, bisexual playmate who has helped some of my clients to indulge their MMF fantasies. He’s softly spoken, but as lovely and as open-minded as they come. A total catch.

$300 / 1 hour


Reagan Cole

Reagan is one of those presumably unassuming beauties, who completely evolves behind closed doors. She’s passionate, indulgent, exciting, and shares in my hatred of service lists.

$500 / 1 hour