I’m just me.

I can’t be anyone else.

About Me

I am often described as sensual, silly, and great in bed.

I grew up on the sunny central coast of New South Wales, and am often asked why I’d ever trade such glorious weather to live in Melbourne. The truth is that I love the culture; the food, the people, and the obnoxious vibrance of the city. I love that there’s a tram stop on my street, with coffee shops and whiskey bars in close proximity. I love that all I need to do is turn a corner, and I could be in a completely different world. I love that this industry has granted me the ability to explore these things.

Education is important to me, and so I find myself undertaking a second degree after achieving a Masters in genetics in 2017. I love to open my mind to new things, and to learn about the things that make us tick. My apartment is filled with books (typically on fantasy/science fiction or business strategy), although someone recently told me that “owning books is not the same as reading them.” I refuse to listen to them. I also love movies, and can quote most of “The Princess Bride” and “Star Wars.”

Some other great loves of mine include art galleries, 80’s rock, old school trams, intricate lingerie, the view from my balcony and my cat, Pinot.

Recent months have brought about a significant change, and I have given a renewed focus to personal growth and wellbeing. I work hard, train harder, and laugh often. I’m gentle, passionate, and believe in prioritising connections with people who make you feel fulfilled. The people I choose to spend time with reflect these values in their own ways, and aren’t afraid to share their stories and their passions. There is no judgement here.

About you

Connection is a huge part of what I do, but it isn’t compulsory. I’m a firm believer in something brief and exciting, but if you were to ask what my ideal lover looks like, I’d say we’re pretty similar.

If you’re anything like me, you value that ‘click’. You look for that easy feeling of mutual respect and understanding, usually reserved for old lovers or friends. You see value in letting our time unfold organically and aren’t afraid to laugh or tell me that my jokes are terrible. You’re turned on by people who are nice to those employed within the service industry, because you’ve been there before and haven’t forgotten where your path began.

You won’t impress me with fast cars or flashy clothes. I don’t do drugs or smoke, so won’t join you if that’s something you’re into and offering. I like a modern-day gentleman, who enjoys healthy communication both within and outside of the bedroom.


 “There is no pretence with Alice, there is no script, no ego boosting, just honesty and genuine pleasure.”

- B, 2018


I get it. You’re just here for the pictures.

I don’t blame you. I’ve designed my website to favour discretion, so that you don’t need to worry about nosey Rosies looking over your shoulder while you browse. However, if you’re into that sort of thing, an entire gallery of good stuff awaits you.