April 2019

I recently had the pleasure of spending time with the delightful Miss Grey.
Communication as always was efficient and clear, with arrangements quickly sorted.
Alice is a self confessed science nerd, which for this particular mature age, science nerd is a gift from the force.
It is lovely to find someone who readily accepts my personality and idiosyncrasies. We both subscribe to the view that if both parties end up laughing during sex, then the experience is all the better for it. This, we certainly did achieve!
For me, the most important aspect of my time with Alice is how she made me feel. Not only did Alice make me feel valued and appreciated as a lover, she made me feel valued and appreciated as a person.

In my experience, this is a rare and exceptional gift.

January 2019

I had a few bookings a year or two ago, which was a honour, with the stunning Alice.
Alice is just not a beautiful lady in looks and personality but also of high intelligence and a truly a sensual woman who is wonderful part time lover.
Alice provides an excellent service and her attention to detail is second to none.
When making a booking with Alice time just flies by.
There is a reason why Alice is so highly reviewed and if any male is tossing up whether to book Alice make the booking as you will not be disappointed.
Thank you to Alice for all the great bookings that I had the pleasure to make.

October 2018

I have had the pleasure off seeing the Gorgeous Alice twice now, both times on her Sydney trip and can say that her personality and her nature are both a big reason that I will continue to see her but also the playful times we have together are extraordinary. Alice will give everything she can to make you feel at ease and have a wonderful time with her. Her openminded nature made me feel comfortable to be me and spend a great time with her. I will definitely be going back for more. So Alice I just wanted to say again thank for being you and making my world better for these moments in time.

September 2018

I've been lucky enough to see Alice on 3 or 4 separate occasions and every single time has been absolutely sensational. Alice is a gorgeous lady with a kind soul, stunning red hair, and the most fantastic curvy body that's just made for holding her tight. Alice is great for conversation and even better when the temperature heats up a little. I can't recommend this gorgeous young woman more highly.

July 2018

Instead of saying how amazing my booking was with Alice & in all honesty it was a truely amazing experience. A experience filled with laughter, enjoyable conversation & lots of pleasure. The greatest compliment I can pay Alice is that now even though at times Instead of seeing on Twitter sexy pictures or educational information or humorous posts I feel like I’m Paul Muad’Dib in Dune & instead I see smart advertising & brand promotion or I'm Neo from the Matrix & instead of seeing in a booking a beautiful, sexy lady who makes me think I am a unique & beautiful snowflake & moans, smiles & laughs at all the right moments I instead see 1's & 0's. Well the time I spent with Alice made me realise that I don’t care that if we how define our lives is just a beautiful illusion, a lovely lie. My time with Alice took me back to when I was a kid & Santa Claus existed, dragons lived in the hills behind my grandparents house, monsters hid under my bed & anything was possible.

June 2018

I’ve seen Alice twice now, first for 2hrs then overnight. I cannot recommend her highly enough, especially for a longer booking. She is a genuinely compassionate, funny, sexy person who is amazing at making people feel comfortable and desired. Over the course of 12+ hours it never once even remotely felt like she was marking time or running down the clock. She is a giving, understanding, adventurous, encouraging and open minded person who put me at ease when discussing and trying new things in the bedroom. I couldn’t ask for a better guide to spend a night with.

Are you ready to make a booking?